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Makes Life a Little Easier

  • No more check writing
  • No more postage
  • No late payments
Our convenient automatic payment plan uses pre-authorized checking to automatically debit your bank account for the monthly charge of your storage unit (exactly like pre-authorized insurance or mortgage payments). There are no more checks to write, no more postage needed, and your payments are on time, every time.

Sign up is easy. Simply print the
Automatic Payment Plan Form and fax to Bargold at
718-247-7007, or return it by mail with your next payment.

Questions? Please review the Q & A below. If you need further information, call us at 718-247-7000.


By pre-authorizing my payments, am I allowing anyone else access to my bank account?
NO. Your bank controls access to your account and you authorize the terms of payment. The information you provide Bargold with is the same you give whenever you write a check. Your pre-authorized monthly payments are made to Bargold Storage Systems only.

Exactly how is my payment made using the Automatic Payment Plan?
If you have ever ordered something from a catalogue over the phone or via the internet, you have already used a form of pre-authorized payment. Instead of us sending you a bill and you sending us a check, your bank account is simply debited for the exact amount due using a pre-authorized draft.

Will I get a record of the draft transaction?
YES. Your bank will handle the transaction for you and itemize the payment on your monthly statement.

What if there isn’t enough money in my account to cover the transaction?
If you have overdraft protection, the amount will be covered by your bank. If your account has non-sufficient funds (NSF) at the time of the draft, the draft will be resubmitted within the next few days. You will be responsible for any NSF fees. If, at that time funds are still not available to cover the transaction, you will be notified directly.

How do I cancel the Automatic Payment Plan service ?
Your Automatic Payment Plan can be canceled with ten working days written notice, or it will terminate at the end of the Occupancy Agreement for your storage unit.

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